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*Swedish Massage              **Deep Tissue Massage        *Pre-natal Massage    **Lymphatic Drainage Massage *Sport Massage                   **Hot Stone Therapy *Reflexology Massage **Aromatherapy



1-1/2 hr


Couple's 1-hr









 **enhancements are an additional charge

**Cranial Sacral Therapy. $20

**Cupping.  $10  

**Hot Stone.  $15

Concrete Wall

Type of Massage

Swedish Massage-$90

This is our most popular and standard massage that utilizes techniques intended to relax muscles.  The techniques used in this massage emphasizes realization using long strokes, knead​ing & effleurage. There are always health benefits to any massage and this one aids in increasing circulation, simulation of the nervous system and skin, all while soothing the body into relaxation.  We also recommend this massage to help reduce both emotional and physical stress.

**Deep Tissue Massage-$100

This massage is directed towards the deeper tissue within the muscles. Most of the same movements and techniques used for the Swedish Massage are included in the deep tissue, but the pressure is more intense because it focuses on relieving chronic tension, pain and knots. Deep tissue also aids in breaking up and eliminating scar tissue. Though this massage may cause you  to be sore directly after or the next day, its techniques are extremely effective in providing results.

Pre-Natal Massage-$90

This therapeutic massage focuses on pregnant women after the first trimester(12weeks). each massage can differ based on the needs of the mom, especially the functions of the her muscle/joints, improving her circulation, and relieving mental/physical fatigue. Pre-natal  massages are a must to promote relaxation decreased insomnia, alleviate weight bearing joints all while helping prep the muscles for childbirth.  This massage also benefits the swelling of joints, fewer cramps, and congestion relief. A pregnancy pillow is provided that allows the clients to lay on her side without experiencing any pressure on the belly, allowing her and the baby to be fully relaxed and safe. 

**Lymphatic Drainage Massage-$110

Lymphatic Drainage massage is specifically targeted for people healing from more serious illness, injury, or surgery. This massage technique removes excess water/waste from tissue, reduces swelling fluid , retention, reduces scar tissue development, encourages relaxation, stress relief and improves skin quality.


Sport Massage-$100

This unique massage is normally done either before, during or after an athletic event. Athletes experience an immense amount of pressure and pain through their careers; this massage helps alleviate the tension and stress that builds up in the body's soft tissue during physical activity. This massage also helps aid the athlete for a great performance because it helps lessen fatigue, relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension, and promotes flexibility/range of motion to prevent injuries. In the long run, sports massage also minimizes the risk of injury.

**Hot Stone Therapy

This massage includes the usage of smooth Basalt tones, which are small black volcanic rocks that absorb and retain heat very well. The temperature and technique used with the stone help promote muscle relation and tension relief. The heat from the stones relieves sore muscles and stiffness. This massage is combined with traditional Swedish massage techniques, but the therapist may leave heated stones on specific points of your body to help the flow of energy.

Reflexology-$50 (30min)   $85 (60min)

This massage focuses on the pressure points of the hands and/or feet. This treatment focuses on the ideology that the reflex areas on the hand and feet correspond with other parts of your body including major organs. Applying the right amount of pressure on these areas promotes a communication within the body system allowing the aid of good health are promotes a more natural healing process. Reflexology relaxes the whole body and has been used for many years to help with relieving pain in regard to tension, stress, migraines, sinus, breathing, digestive, circulatory and back problems.



This massage is very similar to our classic Swedish Massage, but essential oils are used on the client's skin and in the steam for the room. Our selection of essential oils aromatic scents fills the room and aids in cultivating an even more calm and relaxed environment. The selected aromatherapy scents fills the room and aids in cultivating an even more calm and relaxed environment. The selected aromatherapy scents assist in affecting moods and stress as well. Ask for details on our essential oils and their personal benefits.

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