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The Arbor Story

Established in 2022.

Arbor Life Spa opened February 1, 2022 by the owners BeaJay Baldwin and Tammy Cox, two beautiful women of color who had a passion in their profession to partner and bring an experience to create a place just for you. A place to help anyone that come through the doors of "Arbor Life Spa" to relax, de-stress, and breathe deeply. A place to put your head back, close your eyes and exhale. We invite you to experience the peace of a relaxing massage, the warm of our Infrared sauna, the fresh feeling and nourishing of a wonderful facial, the aroma of essential oils entering your scenes and the soothing sounds of music that helps you slow your pace and heal from the outside world. Once you've settled into a nice glowing gentleness of being, we want you to take that mindset home with you to create a healthy, thriving nest. Come celebrate that special occasion here at "Arbor Life Spa" and leave with a gift from all of us to you.    See you Soon!


Our Story

Meet the Owners of "Arbor Life Spa"

A Massage Therapist and a Esthetician with over 20 years of experience, decided to do something real special. Because of our passion we partner to help those struggling with life's greatest challenges and looking for peace, health and wellness. We want to reach new therapist just coming into the world of health and wellness, mentor them to grow and reach their dream of ownership one day. Our love for the senior community to live life to it's fullness, have longevity of life, health and happiness by providing Mindful Yoga Classes, Life-Restoring and Relaxing Rooms and Rejuvenating Services. We wanted a team of great therapist, instructors, nutritionist, and professional to coach you into healthy, vibrant lifestyles so that you can live your best live ever! Now that's some of who we are, two ladies with a wonderful team who promises to do our best to advise, soothe, restore and educate you into the best you can be, with a smile that will be contagious to everyone who comes though our door.               "Come and experience Arbor Life Spa, Redlands"

Our Products

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